Flavor Bombs cherry tomato

Bought these tomatoes from Sam,s last spring, kept the seeds. This is what happens now.Half a dozen friends I gave plants have the same looking plants.

They as bad as some of my figs.


What a great idea! It hadn’t occurred to me to try that.
I got mine at Sam’s as well. And I’ll save some seeds and see what happens. Those tomatoes have spoiled me . . . and now I am really disappointed in the flavor of ‘what used to be a great tomato’ - Sweet Million.
What is wrong with your tomatoes? Too leggy? My cherry tomatoes always ‘behave that way’. I have mine in cages. But they are leggy like that too.

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The other side looks just the front. For the two of us That’s tooooo much, still have more at different places. The other side I have A row of Cherokee purples.
Did somewhat like the Florida weave, ty them up, 12”apart in height, pinch them off at 6feet.

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