Flavor Grenade Pluot no blooms? Rest bloomed like crazy!

My CHP, ED, FK, FS, WSR - have all bloomed like crazy. My FG though has less than 10 flowers :cry: . Tree looks healthy, its started leafing out already. No dead wood.

It cannot be environmental - the FS is in the same hole as FG and it wont stop blooming! FG chill hours are lower than FS as well.

Scratching my head, no clues as to why? Any thoughts? I know folks here always have an answer for all my crazy questions!:slight_smile:

Thank you!





Have you mixed up your labels? Your Flavor Grenade growth pattern look like Flavor Supreme.

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It looks like a very young tree. Wait until next year.

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It does not look like Flavor grenade, it was very precocious to me. The growth pattern is different.

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Here is the photo of my FG from Mar 7. It’s on Citation, 2nd year in the ground.


@Stan - That’s a beautiful tree! Your lot is soooooo huge, I am jealous!

@jaypeedee @Antmary - That’s probably it, smart thinking there!!! Makes perfect sense that Flavor Supreme being a fuzzy plant would bloom so little! Only way to be a 100% sure is if I get some fruits this year.

@bleedingdirt - How are the blooms on your flavor supreme this year?

Pretty sure you have mixed up FS with FG. I had very little blooms on FS this year with the marginal chill hours we got this winter. Plus it being so early to bloom doesn’t help either.

Wow you guys are good! Yes they do look mixed up!

Just curious, how old are your trees? I like the way your yard is laid out in this and other pics.

I got my pluots in this week, can’t wait to get them in the ground, and maybe some fruit in a couple years.

I have the same problem with Flavor Queen and my trees are much
larger than yours. I’m so disappointed with FQ, that I’m top grafting
the whole tree.

@bleedingdirt - Thank you!!!

Yes, you guys are so awesome! Thank you so much!!! Mystery solved :slight_smile: I don’t have high expectations for FS. So I feel much better that FG might be the flowering one!

rayrose - Think about grafting EB or ED for something similar to FQ. My ED blooms profusely but don’t know yet about fruit set. At my farmers market I always like ED better than FQ but I am a sugar junkie. EB Plum is an excellent fruit as well.

subdood - started my orchard in spring 2016, I prune very aggressively to keep my trees tiny. Lucky you! I love getting new trees, good luck!

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I only have one scaffold, I like it enough to keep around. I could top work it at any time too, if I change my mind.

Yes, it is not consistent. You will get fruit from time to time. One good thing is I noticed when I grafted other varieties to it they tend to be very vigorous, it makes a great rootstock. FS may outgrow it’s inconsistent behavior, I have found most fruits need some time to produce. Others just may not work in your environment. nice to find winners, and you know taste is just one aspect. If you don’t have fruit, that also leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

The Flavor Supreme usually has a fair amount of flowers but not much fruit,so yes,I grafted on a number of varieties. Brady


I’m top grafting the whole tree to Luisa. I already have Emerald Beaut,
and I don’t know what ED is.

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Luisa Plum - Wow very nice choice! I’ve never tasted it but remember reading the interesting story about this plum . May be one day when I learn to graft, I’ll give this one a try.
ED - Emerald Drop from Dave Wilson Nursery.


That day was last year. It’s not rocket science but you need patience. Let me know if you need help.


Thank you! I am going to take you up on that one of these days! :slight_smile:

Don’t give up on Flavor Supreme, I find it very vigorous and sets plenty of fruit after the tree gets some size. In my opinion it is the very best Pluot out there, outstanding flavor! I usually only have to thin the doubles so to me a perfect tree. Here is a pic of the FS fruit set on a 3 year old graft that is on a Peacotum tree.


Where are you located? I think you get more chill hours than us in San Jose, CA. My tree has sized up nicely over the last five years. It sets great looking spurs but hardly any flowers or fruit. Last year, I had a better bloom than this year and I hand pollinated like crazy with Flavor King, Santa Rosa and Burgundy. Still got just five fruits. :roll_eyes: Not a lotta hope this year!


I am in Orangevale Ca, 25 or so miles east of Sacramento. We do get more chilling than you, and if you are not getting flowers it is most likely a chill factor. However, our last 2 winters we have had very low chill hours, so have you. Also a whole lot of rain at bloom time last 2 years. If we start getting some more normal winters we all will get more fruit. Having a good pollinator next to your FS will also help out. If I remember right, Flavor King blooms with FS as well as Geo pride.