Flavor Grenade Pluot


Nice tree. Doesn't look like you dug one of those neat little pits for that tree like you did many of your others?


Actually I did. It's somewhat hard to discern in the late afternoon light and weeds growing in the mulch.


What happened to the putting green plan?


I'll start pouring for it in May :slight_smile:


I'm a clean, not so lean pruning machine :smile:


Mine’s in full sun and the bud swell has barely started.





This tree has well over a hundred fruit sets this year. A major thinning will ensue in a week or two!


You’ll have to excuse my ignorance @Richard i cant groq this stuff here. I get a plumcot is a plum/apricot what is a pluot, plum/?. I see you west/southern folks posting them alot but i havent googled it to see.


Pluot is a patented term for interspecific Plum X Apricot.


Oh ok, thanks!


First ripe fruit of the season

Flavor Grenade

Great Fruit. For some reason the birds leave it alone. Retains a good crunch when ripe. Flesh is sweet. Hangs on the tree a long time. Sets huge crop. Steer clear if you dont want to thin.


Before and after pruning. I only removed tall and errant whips. Resulting height is about 6.5 feet.


Crazy, I have a similar sized Flavor Grenade tree and I get a maximum of like 5 fruit a year off of it.


In my environment it bears interstem and on fruit spurs. I am following R.S. Martin’s guide for Apricot but heeding the advice for non-top bearers. See the 3 photographed pages at the end of this post:


Wow, that’s quite a difference. How many fruit do you typically get before and after thinning?


This tree has only been in the ground 4 years and I’ve yet to thin fruit. Last season I harvested less than 2 dozen fruits. :slight_smile:


That seems really low. Was it higher in previous years, or was that the first year it produced? Is FG know to be a sparse bearer?

Do you have any other pluots, and if so, how have they done?