Flavor King almost ready

I got a very light crops of my Flavor King this year due to a Hail storm damaged but I am very thankful to have some to harvest soon. FK is the King of pluots in my opinion.



Not close here…just tried one today that a bird had pecked pretty good… Probably early Sept for me.

FK fruits are so good, sweet and Fragrant. This is why it is the top dog of the pluots.


The birds are after them so all the fruits are covered with the beard nets for now.


Tony, I’ve got 5 trees and can’t get a single one. Good going guy.

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Those look very nice. How old is your tree? And, do you have any other pluots?

We planted a FK tree this spring, can’t wait to sample some in the coming years.

I have a multi grafted pluots with Flavor Supreme, Geo Pride, Flavor Queen, Flavor Grenade, Splash, Nadia, Pluerry, Toka, and a couple Euro plums on it. I got to give a hand to Joe Real because he has a 150:1 plums tree.


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Cool. All those pluots on one tree? Will you be getting any others this year?

They all should be in production next year if the temp is not too cold in the -19F. Lots of plouts flowers got frozen last Winter.

Those sound like those multi graft trees that Bay Laurel sells. My three pluots came from BL, planted them back in March, one each of FK, GP and Dapple Dandy. They haven’t put on a lot of growth, but J beetles also got after them pretty bad.

Yeah, @JoeReal’s tree is a marvel. I wonder how many varieties he has left to ripen on it.


I still have a long ways to go. The European plums are starting to ripen now.

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