Flavor king and Dapple supreme Pluot fruit set (pics)

My 3 year in the ground Flavor King has an incredible fruit set this year. It seemed like every blossom set, I’ll be thinning like crazy

My 1 year in the ground Dapple Supreme. The little fruits are starting to get huge


Looking good! Very nice fruitset, and all at once it seems. Thinning isn’t too bad on smallish trees. :smirk:

I’d like to know your opinion of Dapple Supreme after tasting the fruit.I have one that may get some next year. Thanks,Brady

I did get a few Dapple Supremes last year. I think they are really good, not quite as good as Flavor Supreme. The nice thing is that It fills a gap. After the Flavor Supremes were gone, I had a 2-3 week gap before other pluots ripen. Dapple Supreme fills that gap. Here is a Dapple Supreme from last year

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Thanks Steve,nice looking fruit.Brady

I agree with Steve, fills a gap. Mine weren’t nearly as good as FS but then FS is world class when right.