Flavor King & Supreme bloomed

Here are my FK and FS Pluots blooming right now. Planted 6 feet apart.


Flavor King

Flavor Supreme


Your going to get a bumper crop by the looks of it Tony!

I don’t see any pollinators at all. I will do some hand pollination tomorrow. I got Beauty plum, Sweet Treat Pluerry, Satsuma, Duarte in bloom also. BTW, I just cleft graft your Red Blush Bartlett today. I also Bark graft your Mishirasu on my Mishirasu Asian pear to compare the two to see if they have the same fruit in a few years.


Check out there tonight I suspect some of the pollinators are working now. I have seen mostly night insects. Grafted some of your Asian pears today.

Two of the best pluots.

I’d reorder that slightly IME: The two best pluots. Hey and I saved a word!


Here are a few more of my trees in bloom today.

Foster peach.

Carolina Gold peach.

Last year graft only a 1 1/2 tall that flowers. Shinseiki seedling.