Flavor Punch bloom times/pollination

Flavor Punch tastes amazing. It is not low chill in my area (inland San Diego). The patent has it blooming the first week of March in the Central Valley of CA, but it typically blooms in mid-April in San Diego. The bloom is scattered but that is pretty typical in San Diego for many highly productive prunus cultivars, and no big deal.

The lateness of bloom may be an issue though. Mid-April is pretty late. I am using (in bloom order locally) Flavor King, Sweet Treat/Flavor Finale, and Elephant Heart. All overlap at least partially. I have gotten a small amount of fruit every year since planting it in 2020.

Does anyone else in Southern California love this pluerry? For me it is a close second to Flavor King. Not sure if it will ever give me a full crop though, late blooms may correlate to imperfect floral development.


I’m jealous, the winter is just too warm for it over in west Vista.

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I have this variety, it’s the first year. I believe I tasted this fruit at the farmers market a few years ago and it’s very good, hence I went ahead and purchased one.

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I slightly prefer Candy Heart over Flavor Punch. Both are super sweet >30 brix in my climate. Some may say they’re cloying sweet but for me, both are refreshing. They don’t have a lot of complex flavor but still add diversity to the other “spicy” plums/pluots like Flavor King and Santa Rosa


Is your Flavor Punch more vigorous than Candy Heart? Can you taste any Cherry flavor?

Can’t speak from any personal knowledge, but maybe Emerald Beaut if you have enough chill?

No cherry flavor. Both were equally vigorous but runted after 2 years. I pulled them out and saw huge crown galls. I’m replacing all the citation trees in my yard this year.


I believe it’s small and sweet like cherry, I don’t recall cherry flavor.

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I have seen they quickly sell out so they must be good. Lots of nursery claim it’s hardy to zone 5 though Dave Wilson claims zone 6. I should have two coming in the next month as well as another pluerry that I may be pushing zones with. I am guessing the other one is candy heart.

Flavor Punch bloom, even in this otherwise perfect cold winter, is scattered, late, and weak. This does not look promising for crop load this year. Some of that reflects late fall growth from last year, which is expected to have aberrantly late awakening. Lower parts of the tree bloomed in late April and had some overlap with Flavor King and Flavor Finale. What did others experience this year?


Late blooming is a good thing is a place where I live.

Mine bloomed very early april and has set fruit zone 6B/7A. Now its just the fight with PC that I’m loosing!

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