Flavor Supreme pluots

Flavor Supreme pluots are almost ready!


That looks good.Maybe next year for me.If not,I grafted about ten varieties of Plums and Pluots into the tree,lol.They should help with the pollination also. Brady

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Have you cut one open yet? How did it taste? I’ve always wanted to taste a flavor supreme.

I purchased a 3x1 pluot tree and the 3 varieties were flavor king, Flavor queen, and Dapple dandy. I’m thrilled that it had Flavor King but would’ve traded either of the other 2 for Flavor Supreme in a heartbeat. I think that flavor supreme really is one of the prettiest fruits I’ve seen with the rich red juicy flesh contrasted by the green dappled skin. Wish I could find it at a local market.

Maybe next spring a kind soul will provide me a scion or two.

My flavor supreme 4th leaf is loaded with fruit. The tree is 7 feet tall and roughly 10 feet wide and has roughly 200 fruit this year, had about 30 last year. We have a large variety of polinizers , which must help it with fruit set as compared to other areas.


Since the tree is off-patent, you should plant a couple of seeds.

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I should have said a large variety and number of polinating insects besides honey bees. I get a lot of activity on my supreme. It is surrounded by 7 other pluot varieties, and 4 plums. So I am very pleased. They aren’t quite as good as king, which is my favorite fruit of all, but they are still excellent.

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Patented or not, seeds can still be planted. US plant patents cover asexual propagation. I thought the idea of not being able to plant seeds from patented parents had been dispelled in other threads.


Where are you located? And how many chill hours do you get?

Missouri. I don’t know how many chill hours but by the end of October we are usually in the thirties at night and can even get into twenties some times by then. Our weather in mo. fluctuates alot but spring usually starts in mid march

I think the vast amount is flying insects we have may be why I seem to get good polonization on flavor supreme. I notice alot of folks say the honey bees don’t like to visit theirs, but I had tons of other types of bees working mine along with a few honey bees. I think that’s why I’ve had good results

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Flavor supreme



Killer, consider yourself lucky. FS is typically a horrendous setter.

Thanks, I was fortunate to get a great fruit set on really everything this year except sweet treet.

This is the first fruit set on a 3-4 year tree.Three fruit,after a lot of hand dabbing.Hopefully more in 2017.In the photo,being close to the camera,the fruit looks larger than reality,probably more like ping pong ball size. Brady


Flavor supreme getting close




Burgundy plum



Splash pluot


All your stone fruit looks great. Are they grown on wire trellis?

I have on row of trees espeliered. 2 cotton candy apriums. 1 burgundy plum and 2 sweet treat pluerries. Everything else is free standing. The post on the flavor supreme is to hold the limb up. I actually have two props on that tree

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