Flavorella plumcot


My Flavorella are getting ripe. The one I ate for breakfast was 23 brix.


What pollinators did you used?


Do you think only nectarine will pollinate Flavorella? I bought it last fall and it had a few flowers in April but they all dropped. Only then I searched and found out it is very hard to get fruit set. I had many nectarine and apricot trees flowering at the same time with bees around but still nothing happened. It is an old apricot so I don’t know the name. Do you think next year I should hand pollinate the flowers?


Apricot is probably your best source.Goldkist is mentioned,but others will work.
Hand pollinating usually does the job really well.bb


I used Desert Delight Nectarine because there were no other stone fruits flowering along with Flavorella and it looks like it was a successful cross.


Flavorella kernel is starting to germinate. These are the seeds pollinated by Desert Delight Nectarine.