Flavorella plumcot


My Flavorella are getting ripe. The one I ate for breakfast was 23 brix.


What pollinators did you used?


Do you think only nectarine will pollinate Flavorella? I bought it last fall and it had a few flowers in April but they all dropped. Only then I searched and found out it is very hard to get fruit set. I had many nectarine and apricot trees flowering at the same time with bees around but still nothing happened. It is an old apricot so I don’t know the name. Do you think next year I should hand pollinate the flowers?


Apricot is probably your best source.Goldkist is mentioned,but others will work.
Hand pollinating usually does the job really well.bb


I used Desert Delight Nectarine because there were no other stone fruits flowering along with Flavorella and it looks like it was a successful cross.


Flavorella kernel is starting to germinate. These are the seeds pollinated by Desert Delight Nectarine.



Do you expect this will exhibit any particular characteristics based on your experience, Ulises?


Since most of these plum hybrids always end up resembling a plum, I’m expecting a plum-like fruit with the flavor and aroma of a nectarine.


I left it outside last week when night lows dropped to the low 30s, as a result, half of the seedling got frost damage.

Is there ant method that I can use to save it?
Should I pull it out and put it in water?


I won’t pull it out. That would probably kill it and won’t help it grow back. It might well grow back just like it is. There seems to be a node there which could sprout a shoot.


How big is the container?Maybe put a heat mat underneath.bb


6 inch.


Bad news:
A bird or some type of rodent ate my seedling, including one of my Calired kernels that was about to germinate.