Flavorella plumcot

Flavorella is pretty looking and can be interesting eating if sugar is high enough to balance out the acid at pit and skin. These were grown outdoors and have been running 20-25 brix. I like them above about 22.


Does that one require a pollinator?

I think so. It blooms very early in the greenhouse and sets if Tasty Rich is blooming also.


Very nice looking plumcot, must be very yummy :yum:

Thank you for the pictures. Really uniquely looking fruit and unlike from the glorified pluots you can tell this is a cross of plum and apricot. I always wanted to try growing Flavorella ever since I read about it on Gardenweb (I think the thread’s name was something like “curse of flavorella” and then there was one more “curse lifted” from Joe Real. I even bought two trees here in Europe but both of them were fake so I am still flavorellaless :slight_smile: Has anyone tried to grow this fruit outside of CA? I wonder how it would do in East Coast which is more similar to my zone 7A climate. It’s off patent so I hope it will eventually show up here.

I had forgotten about the pollination issues. Beyond that it’s a difficult fruit to grow. Early bloom and falls off before really ripe. Mine are setting until they soften up and drop some acidity. The flavor is nothing beyond sweet/tart. But the aroma is world class.

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Would you say its more cot with the taste>? It looks cottish…very pretty fruit. I’ve read they are very floral. Nice going.

No I’d say it’s plum tasting.

Thank you Sir. That’s a surprise it has more plum taste. Looks great but I think Ill not add this one until I add some other varieties that I want more. I am trying to stay away from those more finicky varieties as best I can. That’s truthfully why I haven’t added Flavor Supreme.

I’d recommend Tasty Rich over Flavorella for your setup. My Tasty Rich this yr were special and it’s the first to ripen.

Its on my to add list for sure if I can find it for sale.

Not the prettiest, but the first one of the season, picked ten minutes ago. The aroma is insane!


Nice brix meter. Haven’t seen one like that. Where do you place the juice?

The blue part flips up and there is a sensor under there. I had a “manual” refractometer for ages when I had a saltwater aquarium, and decided I’d treat myself with this one…

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Plant the seeds so you could get a true aprium.

What is the pollinator? I have one Menthey plum tree, and one Nadia (cherry x plum) tree. Would they work?

Those would probably work provided they bloom together.

For those who have a flavorella plumcot, you should pollinate it with a cherry or a peach/nectarine pollen this year. Hopefully you get something interesting from these crosses.

I will be trying this next year, that’s when my Flavorella will start producing pollen. I’m also curious to see what would the foliage look like in a cherry x flavorella and a Peach x Flavorella plumcot would look like.

Flavorella plumcot is setting fruit. Since Santa Rosa plum and Desert Delight Nectarine were the only trees flowering with Flavorella, I hand pollinated one branch with Santa Rosa plum and the rest with Desert Delight Nectarine pollen and only the flowers that I pollinated with Nectarine are developing into fruit.


The Nectarine-pollinated flavorellas are looking good. Unfortunately, these are the only plumcots that remain on the tree.

I’m planning to germinate the seeds; and if the nectarine is the real pollen, it would be interesting to see what would the foliage and fruit is going to look like.