Flavorfall Pluot 2021

Today I harvested Flavorfall. Some ripened last week so ripening was uneven. I lost a few to the rains as they split. Today I picked the last of them and a few Indian Free peaches that fell. Some peppers and tomatoes were ripe too

What I love about pluots is most are huge compared to most plums.

The flesh is yellow with red bleeding from the skin. Flavor is about 8 out of 10. Close to excellent. A keeper for me.


Did you harvest Flavor Finale or not yet?

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It’s ready I’m fairly sure. I didn’t have time. I have a huge crop of Finale. A very vigorous grower too. I hope to harvest soon. I’ll be back in town tomorrow and probably will harvest. I have a huge crop of Indian free too.
Raspberries are still coming in also.


Hi drew where did you get your flavorfall? I’m trying to get all the late varieties for my pluot collection but I don’t see anyone selling a tree or scion. Thank you!

Some time ago you could order commercial trees from DWN directly. Not anymore. I no longer have this one as my tree died and I can’t replace it. Although I still have Fall Fiesta and Flavor Finale. Very late pluots still not ripe here.

Thanks for your response Drew. Is it possible if i can buy some Fall fiesta, and flavor finale scion from you? I would really appreciate it. How would you compare them to the other pluots when it comes to taste?

They are big and flavor is very good. Not excellent but they are the only game in town. Better than most plums in my opinion.

I have to check if patent expired. Otherwise I’m obligated not to share.
This year I only have fall fiesta as the squirrels pulled down the other fruit. It looks ripe right now both do but they are not and need to hang till the last week of September to the first week of October. I usually pull them right before first frost.

Oh my bad I forgot about the patent. I do have a Flavor finale ordered next year. Just incase the Fall fiesta is no longer patented I will buy scions from you.

I’m trying to get all the late varieties right now because I don’t have any fruits left other than the pear, I just harvested my last Elephant heart.

Thank you so much Drew!