Flavorosa Pluot pollinators

Just acquired a Flavorosa Pluot. DWN gives Flavorosa Pluot pollinators as Emerald Drop Pluot® or Mariposa plum, neither of which I have. I do have Burgundy, Satsuma and Santa Rosa plums, and FK,FQ, FS, Spash and Flavor Genade Pluots. Should I get the pollinators specified by DWN?

I can’t imagine at least one of those not being able to do the deed. Brady

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Seems to me that Dave Wilson often only lists the best 1 or 2 varieties for pollination even though many other varieties will work. They aren’t going to list every possible pollinator for a given variety. You seem to have plenty of plums and pluots and like Brady many of which are sure to pollinate Flavorosa.

You should be fine with what you have. My Flavorosa is just about in full bloom now.
My; Burgundy is about to start blooming in the next day or 2
Satsuma is about 50% blooming
Santa Rosa is about 20% blooming
FK just started blooming today
FQ is about 75%
FS is about 95%
Splash is about 20%
FG is just starting

I don’t have Mariposa and my Emerald Drop is about 50% blooming and150ft from my Flavorosa. I get plenty of fruit from my Flavorosa

Could it be that this fruit is a sort of Flavorosa ?, it’s a seedling. 4 th leaf, fruit has a flat shape.
about 95% in bloom now.


Sort of yes but that’s about all you can say about a seedling. The shape is in the ballpark.

It went me especially if this bastard could be suitable for the pollination of FS and Satsuma thanks for you answer

Randall, How did your fruit set this year?