Floppy and blemished oak sapling


My three year old Quercus michauxii, which I started from seed, is very vigorous, but seems to be afflicted with several issues.

First, some of the new growth just randomly wilts and shrivels up. I’m wondering if it’s anthracnose since other leaves have more typical anthracnose damage.

It’s floppy as hell. I have it loosely staked and it still isn’t straight, but with no stake it leans over significantly (about 30 degrees off center)… so if I let it flop in the wind to strengthen the trunk it may strengthen the trunk, and hold itself in that leaning position! This thing refuses to grow straight on its own.

Finally, something is doing this to the bark in a few areas…

This is a vigorous tree.

The leaf blemish issues also happened last year, during the second flush of growth which was around this time.

It put on the third flush in late July that was completely perfect looking.

I have a feeling it will do the same this year, the tree just pushed the second flush of growth now. Still, the only thing I can think of to keep the tree straight, is to basically make a tripod of several stakes to pull the trunk straigh and it hold it in place, just leave it for a few months until the wood thickens a bit, and then let it swing in the breeze after it’s held in a more suitable position.

As far as the leaf blemishes, they may be mostly cosmetic, but the fact that some of the newest growth tips just randomly shrivel up does not bode well.