Florida Gold Coast site visits?

Hey y’all,

I’m looking for recommendations for fruit farms, permaculture orchards, food forests, and the like along Florida’s Gold Coast? I will be visiting a close friend who lives in west palm beach this weekend.

I know about ECHO in ft Myers, but I’m wondering how impacted they were by the hurricane. Any recommendations on the east side of florida is very much appreciated!

Will be doing a trip down to Miami to visit Fairchild botanic garden.

I actually don’t see too many members from FL on these forums.
Miami area doesn’t get chill much chill hours so it’s good for fruit trees that dislike cold, like lychee, oranges, etc.

I believe many waterfront areas of Ft Myers and to its south was unfortunately devastated while inland fared better. The storm surge last year during the hurricane was high enough to swallow a single story house.