Florida native persimmon

Anything that anyone can tell me about this tree would be helpful.
This is what I do know:

1- Its referred to as a native persimmon and my friend has one in their yard that bears fruit that they enjoy eating late fall

2- I have been looking for more native fruiting plants that will work in zone 9A and there is not much avail.

3- The guy was enthusiastic to sell me 20 of them.


I believe the tree you speak of is The common persimmon.
*Diospyros virginiana
It’s range covers the eastern part of the country including Florida.
While certainly edible, some of the wild ones are small and Seedy.
Some better than others .
With seedlings ,Some trees will be males so no fruit on those.
I would suggest getting some good grafted named varieties instead of wild seedlings especially if space is limited.
Many posts on here about persimmons

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