Florida temp chart

I was trying to find out what the temps are underground near Defuniak Springs Florida and found this web site but I want to be sure i’m reading it correctly. Does it state the temp is 72.88 degrees 6’ underground and higher temp of 74.3 30’ down?

I’m only asking to see if there would be any advantage of using the underground temp on a new property I’m buying in zone 8B. I thought there might be away to grow zone 7-8 fruits better like raspberries and rhubarb using geothermal cooling. I was thinking I could put geothermal cooling pipes 6-10’ deep leading into some kind of green house to cool it down some. I also thought I could bury a shipping container to cool the sides and put a some what flat clear roof on it for sun? But it all depend on the ground temp and chilling hours? Guess best thing is to dig a hole when I buy the property and bury a wireless thermometer and see for myself.

That sounds about right for 30ft down in that area. That’s not cold enough to help growing anything that needs chilling or cool temperatures. It won’t cool a greenhouse trust me on that. It won’t give chill hrs. And it won’t cool anything that has enough sunlight for plants.

What it would do is keep a greenhouse from freezing in winter. That’s if you circulate enough air thru the soil and greenhouse. So think about what you might grow that you can’t because it gets too cold at times in winter. Say maybe mango.


I have a hard time imagining why anyone would want to know the temp 30’ underground or why anyone would invest in the equipment to measure/publish it. It seems more likely to me that those are temps above ground. …Just my gut saying this.

Edit… the data data at bottom is for 4:15 am and is lower than the readings for 30ft shown above. Soil temp won’t vary much over a day at any depth. At 30’, it’s likely constant year round.