Floridahome pear info needed

Anyone have info on polinators for my Floridahome pear tree? Is the LaCante pear a polinator. Canf find any info on this. Thanks!!

I’m not trying to be a smart-aleck, and not picking on you BigD, but this keeps popping up here and on other gardening sites and every so often I just feel the need to address the semantics of the deal. Maybe it’s insignificant, but it wears on me.

Pollinators are the insects or other critters that carry pollen from one flower to another.
Pollenizer is the tree/plant that produces pollen to pollenate the flowers of another tree/plant(or other flowers on the same plant).

So… you’re looking for a pollenizer for your Flordahome pear.
That said, Hood or Pineapple should work nicely.

Yea, i did state that incorrectly. Thanks for the info.

Oh, you’re not the first one, and in all likelihood, I’ve dashed off responses using the wrong term, as well - I just try not to.