Flowering Quince recipes

I’ve got a decent harvest of fruit off my Japanese flowering quince. Last year I made some jam from 2-3 fruit which turned out decent (I froze them first to soften them). Anybody have some favorite recipes for this rock which poses as a fruit?

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Hi! Beautiful picture. I don’t have any recipe, I am sorry. But I would like to ask you a question: are the texture and taste of the flowering quince same/similar to those of the regular quince? Also, are these fruits coming from an old/big bush?

No, they’re nothing like regular quince. They’re not even in the same family. The fruit is nearly rock-hard, and really needs to be processed to be eaten. I turned those into jelly (the fruits themselves provide all the pectin you need), which was well-received.

These did indeed come from an old and large bush. The flowers are beautiful. I wouldn’t grow it for the fruit alone, but I’m glad to take advantage of it since it’s already there and established.

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Not in the same genus, but in the same family.
My understanding is that you can use Chaenomeles fruits in any recipe developed for Cydonia fruit.