Flowers, plants, trees, fruits and plus from Chile


139 (1)|690x517](upload://f4vvKse4qHhCCGsqyJUq1FYe9P8.jpeg)

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296 (1)|690x517](upload://dELekv0ZWSknfInshgY7jCBS1eg.jpeg)



Some bonus photos. Stop thinking about it and go discover it! C-H-I-L-E

Some photos did not show up. Here they are:

I will not post pictures on a regular basis anymore. M.L.


These photos are stunning!

I appreciate the time that you have taken to post some of your photo collection. My family and I enjoyed them very much. :slight_smile:

Dear FarnGirl:

Sometimes I believe you’re the only one appreciating my pictures :wink: and the hard work that goes with posting them but it’s OK because I don’t need recognition. I know my own value… Marc


I too ,love your pictures.!
More please ?

I like them too… i always give like to your posts…

Thanks. I should post more within 1 or 2 weeks. Marc


Did you previously mention you traveled in the Yucatán, Chiapas
Area ?
I love that area, would like to see pics’ of it if you have some to share.
You are a great photographer, and well traveled !

Muito obrigado, Luiz:

Right now I’m listening to some Brazilian music/artists. Are you familiar with Maria Bethania or Simone? They were the 2 artists I first head on the radio going from Rio airport to Copacabana.
But the voice I remember most is the famous Rio airport voice. Have you ever heard of her. She is: Iris Lettieri.

Put on name on Google and you will see. The most provocative, sexual voice of a person calling the next flight. I stayed inside the airport 30 minutes more just to hear her sensual voice. There are voices and then there is Iris… Marc

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Hi! Thank’s! Yes we all know them here… i like it too. :+1:

Hi there:

I pushed bike the Blue Ridge around 1999, Great panoramic road. Would love to do it again without a B.O.B this time… and going down from Mt Mitchell to Asheville was a genuine bad experience for both my wrists…

Yes, we did the Chiapas and visited every Mayan archeological sites over there and I took a massive amount of pictures of every ruins but not much of anything else since it’s forest, forest, forest…

If you want to see some pictures of mayan sites, I can post some but I have some questions about posting pictures not related to this site… Looking to many photo albums and then posting them takes time. I wouldn’t want those pictures to be deleted by administrators because they are out of place. In other words, I need reassurance that those photos won’t be deleted ASAP by administrators. Maybe you could contact one of them like Scott and ask him about the pictures policy of



It is mainly for fruit pictures, but since people are enjoying your pictures please keep posting them. We don’t have a hard and fast policy. Adding them to existing threads is better so they can be skipped over more easily by people not wanting to see them.