For the those on higher pH soils?

I live where soil pH of 7 to 7.5 is the norm. Obviously a person can spend a lot of time and effort acidifying soil or the water they water with. But for those of you with similar soils and do not bother to acidify soil or water what have you found to be good growing trees, shrubs and plants? Particular root stocks?

Hi turkeycreek what have you tried planting? I have clay soil with a 7.8 ph and have had good results with most of your typical fruit trees. The best thing to do is buy from a local reputable nursery and they will usually take care of the root stock selection for you. In the list below when I say grows fine that means I have not noticed any chlorosis in those plants.
all grow on Lovell.

I have two big apple trees that came with the property, I don’t know what they are on but they grow fine.

Cherries, I don’t grow any but they are all over in my neighborhood.

Grapes grow like weeds on the right root stock but will literally die from chlorosis on the wrong one, be wary of big box stores selling the wrong plant I lost one this way.

Other plants that grow without special rootstocks
Che (osage orange rootstock)
Clove currant
Last plants I have that get chlorosis to varying degrees are
Honey berries, this was a surprise to me they are supposed to be adaptable most of them are fine but one plant I have really suffers
Usually a once a year application of EDDHA iron chelate to the above cholrotic prone plants takes care of the problem.

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Most plants will grow fine at that pH. The only exception is blueberries.

I wish I had 7-7.5! I have 8. Agree, all but blueberries ok

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Just wondering as I am in the process of moving this fall. I currently have pretty good soil at my house. The land I will be moving to has the higher pH soil. I have a location on this new land where I have planted apples for a few years now and they really continue to struggle. Havent tried anything else yet.