Forum Maintenance this morning, down for 20-ish minutes

Forum Maintenance this morning, down for 20-ish minutes
The down time should be short but could be longer if there are more issues to deal with.


Hey it looks like it took exactly 20 minutes!

The forum software has been upgraded to the latest version. There should be some new features available.


For several recent days, all the top-of-list posts were timestamped “1d”, unusual since there are typically hourly posts. Did the same thing in a different browser. Went back to normal yesterday.

Thanks for the update Scott! I like the new look on mobile for checking out everyone’s profile. Are there any other significant changes? I see the upload photo button moved as well, I’d consider that a good move too.

There are many changes, I keep bumping into new things. The upper right menu is different, the menu in posts is a bit different, the default avatars are different, more notification preferences, etc.

If you notice a cool new feature please add on here!

BTW I am also in the middle of migrating the pictures over to a CDN… which means much faster loading for a lot less cost. All the new pictures (since the update) are on the CDN and most of the older ones should migrate.

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The bookmark feature now has options, for one thing.I like it much better for sorting.
BUT there is a blurb at the top of pages I can’t seem to get rid of permanently.
"Do you want live notifications when people reply to your posts? Enable notifications." I click the X next to this frequently, but the notice keeps showing up again.

I paid little attention to the actual settings before, yet the layout is clearly different in some ways there are some performance improvements, and I find that the scrolling is easier. Over all I like it better, everything seems to be working right with my PC, PC with ‘Linux Mint on it’.

Hmm this looks like a known glitch that very rarely pops up. Here is a workaround.

If anyone else is getting this please follow up here and I will file a report.

That worked. Thought it was some combo I had going.

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More good news on the upgrade, it looks like the migration of all the pictures posted here is working. What this should mean for you is faster picture loads. Also, the overall costs to run the site should be lower, we had a very high charge for all the downloads of the pictures, over $70 per month. I am hoping it reduces to more like $10-$20 per month total for the pictures.