Forum Tags

I’d like to submit a request for tags to be added as a feature to this forum. I think it would make it a lot easier for people in the future who want to pull up all the posts about, say, persimmons, as opposed to searching and getting every one that mentions them in passing.

Discourse has an official plugin for this. I’m a software developer by day, so I could probably help installing it if needed.


I second this, assuming the tags can be searchable

I assume this is the same as key words? It would also help to have thoughtful thread titles that include key words. Most people do a pretty good job here. Thread titles like “SOS” don’t help much.

Yes, same as key words. It would make it easier for those interested in tropical fruit not to get waylaid by the apple folks talking about “winter banana” or “mango” pawpaw. It also helps avoid the problem of fruits with multiple names (in my recent maypop post I tried to also mention passiflora and passion fruit for later searchability).

(And now this post will throw off all those searchers, too)

I basically envision a tag for each of the fruit species people here grow, and perhaps for more general topics like pruning, sprays, zone-pushing, etc.

It looks like the plugin also lets users subscribe to certain tags, which would be nice. There are certain fruits that I want to read every post on.

I agree tags could be useful. The question is if people would use them - if only a small fraction of posts had tags on them it would not be very helpful. It would be work every time you start a post to add tags. We also have lots of discussion going off-topic and only a search would bring that up.

The plug-in looks pretty easy to install so I could do it if there was interest.