Forum will be down for a bit soon (already happened)

There is a problem emerging now that we switched to the Amazon S3 image store, first I will try a rebuild. Some more outages may be needed in the future to fix the problem.


OK at least it seems to have fixed the problem for now. The system was getting clogged with tasks to do; many of the email notifications etc will be coming now as the queue of this old stuff from the last week clears out. I am getting dozens of them right now!

… It also looks like I found the ultimate source of the problem so all should be good for awhile I hope.


Thanks for all you do to keep the bones of this place up and running. WE all love to talk about growing fruit (um, some more than others, you know!) but few if any of us take the time to think about and appreciate the fact that a site like this doesn’t run itself. It requires maintenance, updates, and so on. Many of us have donated small amounts of money to pay for the costs like server space and so on, but we know you don’t charge for your personal time spent keeping this place operational. So on behalf of what I’m sure is almost everyone here, let me again say thank-you for all you do to provide the rest of us a great, functional space where we can come and talk about our favorite hobby! Thanks, Scott.


Thank you Scott!


You’re welcome! Since I am as much a computer geek as a fruit geek its something I enjoy doing anyway, except when I am tied up with other stuff and something goes sour here. I also teach this stuff in my job (web development) so really should know how it works, and there is no better way to learn about something than to do it!


Thanks, Scott. So glad we have you at the helm, let me tell you!

Coo! You a node.js/javascript, react or angular developer scott?

I just teach principles, RESTful servers, AJAX, etc. Backends the students use include Rails (what this site uses), Django, Flask, etc and front-ends include the usual Angular, React etc. Discourse uses Ember, its also a good front-end but is not as popular.

Wow, can I get a translator? I thought I knew English, lol.



OMG. HAHAHAH. I have NO idea what any of that means. And I used to write code “back in the day” (can you say, FORTRAN?)

Patty S.
(who apparently, is getting very old)

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Yes its a bit ridiculous these days, way too many technologies to know and things are rapidly changing. Fun for the youngsters but hard on us oldsters.

Today I had to learn about sidekiq, its what manages all the queued forum actions like notifications, compressing images, etc. It was going haywire and it had 4000 actions queued with one bad apple in that 4000-big pile.

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Back in the 60s and 70s the big 4 were: COBOL, RPG, FORTRAN, and assembly language.

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I miss DOS :grinning:



As a teacher, I find myself debating making my lessons/assessments more tech oriented.

2 years ago I started using kahoot and desmos. hours were spent and now, this year’s students think these programs/sites are lame and outdated

Right now the big push is for google for education. Problem is that GFE does not play well with mathematical formatting. Forget simply converting over my pfd’s, doc’s etc as the tech department for my district thinks I should do. Anything with an embedded formula, graph, table etc. faces becoming unrecoverably corrupted.

kudos to you on your accomplishments here, though.


btw…I hear all the time that the Millennials like tech, which is a misnomer. They like their phones and their preference for social media, that’s about it. They have no problem solving skills when faced with something as difficult as checking if they typed in their username or password correctly

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… and ALGOL!

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Don’t forget BASIC and C! And just a few years ago I was pretty good at Visual Basic. Plus I wrote some Excel macros in VBA. Also wrote some test code for electronics qualification testing. But, you know, use it or lose it…

I remember my first computer class, it was senior year, 1982. We used TRS-80 (radio shack) computers that ran on BASIC, and used cassette tapes as the external drives. Awesome graphics on those B&W monitors!