Four cotyledons on dicotyledonous jujube seedlings, anything special?

Howdy, I recently got a bunch of jujube seeds from a member of this forum (I wont say her name for fear of her inbox flooding with requests); these were some of the highest quality seeds I’ve ever seen for any type of plant, and finding high quality/viable jujube seeds was nearly impossible for me (it’s the main reason I joined this forum in the first place). Well, I can’t describe what a delight it was to work with the jujube seeds that this very special forum member sent me, but I can show you these pictures of an incredibly high germination rate (over 75% across 4 different improved cultivars). And, what I’d like some opinions on is: what do you make of this one weird jujube seedling with a mutation of 4 cotyledons!?

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I have had 3 cotyledons numerous times and at least one other time I’ve had 4 occur. Usually the seeds themselves will often show the outline of extra leaves. These typically will grow well but not necessarily better or stronger than the others. I have also had some “born” without chlorophyll–a yellow color. These will not live. :disappointed_relieved:

They look good!!!

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