Fragrant Asian pear question for ScottSmith

Is your fragrant Asian pear seedling fruits even remotely looked like the store bought FP? I bought some large ones at the Asian Market and plan to grow some seedlings. My USDA FP trees got a bunch of spurs on them this past summer. Hopefully, the two 12’ trees will flowers and produce for me.


Tony, my seedling fruits look very similar to your picture. They are supposed to age most of the winter in cold storage but I have been pulling them out now and then and trying them. The taste is good but they are quite gritty. I still have a few left to save until March to see how they are doing then. I expect they may be too gritty still but we will see. They are incredibly good storage fruits, they are not getting any rots or the like.

The UDSA one I have Lantai Jujuli, I did not have in a good spot and just made lots of wood. I put it in a new spot a few years ago but still no fruit yet.

Thanks Scott, I will update you on the USDA Lanti Jululi tastes and looks if it produces fruit for me next summer.