I thought I would post a couple of pictures and list the current years fruit set. If any of you want to add yours please do so. All comments are welcome.

When I was a boy my Dad and I made a trip to my aunts house to get a sprout from a crabapple tree. The tree is still going strong sixty years later. This picture is a graft from it on my Frankentree.

This is a Winter Banana limb that was part of an interstem. I missed removing one bud and as you can see it is heavy with fruit (10). I should pull them off but I will support the large cluster instead.

The following fruits are also on the frankentree this year.
Orient pear
Moonglow pear
Ayers pear
Harrow Sweet pear
Kieffer pear

Goldrush apple
Mollie apple
Crabapple unknown family
Empire apple
Liberty apple
Yates apple
Jonagold apple
Strip June
Carolina Red June
Winter Banana

There is an additional estimated ten varieties of apples and eight of pears grafted in that might fruit next year.


That’s a great story!! Love it!

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Mine is new, but truly multi-species! The tree is hawthorn, planted here for landscape purposes. I put 2 varieties of quince and 1 of medlar on it this year, two sticks apiece. Maybe I’ll toss some pear on next year just to see if it works.

I’ve already seen a medlar flower and a quince flower, although I don’t know if they’ll amount to anything this year.


The crabapple sounds great. I think this year I’m going to ask around to see if anyone has any trouble free crabs and get some scion wood. Sounds like an excellent way to ensure better pollination, plus I’m thinking of playing around with hard cider, and some crabs would be excellent for that. I mighq even try to see if I could get one to root somehow and see how it does as a rootstock. If these crabs have been alive for decades and decades, I’m thinking they might be Good as a R/s for good health and disease resistance.

Of course, we’ll see. I think I have the gardening equivalent of my eyes being bigger than my stomach, lol.

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