Free 2 in 1 cherry tree

hey guys. back in feb . i received a 4ft. 2 i n 1 bareroot cherry tree from i never ordered it but i ordered one the previous year. i tried to send it back but they said to keep it so i buried it in the box under 6ft. of snow. ive done this before and they grew just fine. i have no use for this tree and no idea what 2 cultivars are on there but it could be any of these: rainier, black tart, lapins, van, stella, sweetheart, lambert, corum, royal ann and montmorency. no idea on rootstock either . im assuming mazzard as its most common but could be on parent rootstock. free + shipping to the 1st. one who contacts me.


That’s a hell of an offer for someone. Kudos to you

@steveb4 Just PM you.

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I bought a peach from online orchards from Home Depot. Mine came without hardly any roots and no label. I ended up returning it to Home Depot because they do not have many good reviews online. Surprised you could even get in touch with online orchards since I had no luck. Funny enough I got a free peach tree this year. I bought the peach tree from Grow Organic Peaceful Valley at first and asked for a receipt. They sent me a receipt for totally different items. I canceled it after that and they offered me a refund. I called them stating I had canceled and they could intercept the package if they wanted to sell it to someone else. The insisted that I kept the order so I kept it instead of arguing over a free tree. Of course the peach tree they sent is the only tree that is not leafed out here yet that was dormant. My 2 Zestar! apples, earliglow strawberries, black raspberries, Rainier cherry, 2 5 in 1 peach/nectarines, 2 Stark donut peach and my Shiro plum are all out of dormancy or showing green. All I am waiting for is my 1 Taytwo paw paw which came a few days ago and the free tree they sent me. If it lives it lives and if it dies it was a free tree.

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my 2 in 1 cherry i got from last year was labeled stella and rainier. just dont know before you get it. it put out 5ft of growth in its 1st summer. roots were super big but decent. got it growing on the south side of my house. i plan to espalier it to keep it below the roof line. hopefully it sets cherries for me this way. they state z4 hardy but not all cultivars listed are z4 so its doubtful. why i put it where it is.

Pawpaw takes forever to show life, it’s probably fine.

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just to let everyone know Sara_ in_ philly claimed it.

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I figured the paw paw was fine. Like I mentioned I just got it a few days ago. They said that I should inspect it and that they will replace it for 50% within a month if it does not live but to do a bark test on arrival. I scratched as small of a area as possible to see if it was green and it was. I think persimmon take forever to show signs too. I remember reading the warranty for bare root trees when buying from Grow Organic Peaceful Valley with my cherries for the 2020-2021 season and seeing them mention that their persimmon are warranted a few weeks later. It makes me wonder if these native plants to America naturally leaf out later than expected.