Free download commercial fruit spray guidelines


Thanks a million for that link Alan. It opened up a whole “can o worms” for me got a few nights of reading ahead now :slight_smile:

Updated version for download
The PDF is from a few years ago.
An updated version from 2015-2016 can also be downloaded

most up to date version became a website
They have plans to expand the document to also include more cultural aproaches. They also wanted a more easily adjustable format. So they are now making/expanding the document into a website.


While searching for a more up to date version. i can acros the following document

And that lead me to and almost endles supply of things to read.

If not read em all (yet)
If ordered those that seem intresting at first glance by fruit/topic below.

“link pages”
Fact sheets !!!

The page where you can download the documents versions from 2009 till 2016


Small fruit (strawberry blueberry courrants brambles etc)


Apple IPM app



Some of the links are a bit of a dead end. I simply wanted to locate the most recent Cornell guidelines for commercial fruit production, which UMass mostly copies and tends to make more free access to.

The guidelines don’t change much in a period of 5 years. I used to purchase a new book every year but there is no value in that for me.