Free fig Cuttings For Postage!

Not fancy but good cold hardy productive figs.

Salem Dark
Hardy Chicago

You are required to pay $6.50 for postage. I will only send in USA. If you need only one please mention in your PM. You will get two cutting of each. Please private message me your address with good working email. Once I have enough requested members I will update your name in this post instead of messaging back and forth.

Thanks Naeem


PM headed your way @Naeem


I have reserved cuttings for

@ Poncho65
@ Bradybb
@ Chills
@ Rosdonald
@ Vlad

Please make sure that you send me your paypal email and address as I plan to send cuttings in next week or so.

I still have lot more cuttings left so If you want to try your hands on figs this is your chance.


What is PM? Private message? How does one send it? thanks.


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You can click the person avatar and the next screen will show a message tap.


Do you have better rooting success with March cuttings vs December cuttings?

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I do not see any difference most important thing is moister and temperature.


@Naeem I stuck some cuttings in tall pots in my warm, dark closet a week ago. First time at serious rooting. Will put in sunny window or outdoors when leaves form. How does that sound?

Thats exactly you need to do. Just watch out for wind, cold and excess water outside.
Somehow I did not got any notification for your post just saw it.

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@Naeem Thanks. Thinking May 1 here in 7 B is about right time.

I read all the cautions about rotting cuttings indoors from excess water but then my Italian friend has no problem rooting outdoors in pots in May without doing any watering- just letting Mother Nature water them with rain. No rot even though the pots get soaked with rain.

Is this explained by higher outdoor temps causing rooting so fast that cuttings have no time to rot?


Indoors the air is relatively still, and the temperature is very stable. Outdoors, wind helps dry and exchange the air in the potting mix, as does the expansion and contraction caused by warming in the day and cooling at night.


I root mine outdoors in pots in May or even June. I just stick half the cutting in some potting soil or coco coir and keep out of direct sun. The only additional thing I do is wrap the top of the cutting with parafilm to avoid desiccation while it’s rooting.


Thank you! This is exactly the explanation I’ve been searching for. Now it all makes sense.

Now all I have to do is keep my 4/1 cuttings alive indoors another 20 days or so til then can go outdoors.

First year serious rooting effort. Next year should be a lot easier. Thanks for tips!

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So total shade for how long? Until leaves start to sprout or even longer?

Not total shade, maybe a couple hours of morning sun or under a tree for dappled shade. I wait until I see a few inches of growth before moving them into more sun. Leaves don’t necessarily mean that the cutting rooted. The warmer the weather, the faster the cuttings root so don’t worry about waiting too long to root them outdoors.


I would put them outside when night temperature around 60F for newly inside rooted cutting. If you start cuttings outside then its different thing because cuttings are used to for all elements from day first. I have great success when inside Temperature is between 73F to 79F. You will be fine just let your cuttings root first it takes around three weeks to start putting roots inside for easier varieties but some can takes months.



These figs that formed brebas from my collection and can be use as a guide for brebas:

Socorro Black.

Black Madeira



Figo Preto


Black Jack

LSU Gold



Moscatel Preto

Craven Craving

Hardy Chicago


@Naeem When do you start cuttings outdoors in Ellicott City?


I believe it was third week of May last year when night temperature stays around or above 60F.

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Looks like you’ll have a very early start to your fig season this year, Tony. I love breba of I-258, GNAF, and Dalmatie. These grow so big!