Free online chart to graph harvest season

I’ve recently discovered this free online website that I can plot my season of harvest for a visual layout. It’s pretty easy to use. I’m sure something similar can be done in Excel but I’ve never figured it out there.

The picture is an example of my fruits using Dave Wilson’s dates. I have another using my own dates at my own home.


Just realized I’m missing several apples, some limes, and some lemons!

Great idea! Im always using someone else’s graph of the same. I suppose the same could be done with gardening. Thanks for the link.

Can you tell me which template you picked to get your particular layout?

Hi Ros, I didn’t use a template. I used the option “from scratch”. I think the preset templates cost money.

I think I can do it. I’ve used swimlanes and similar before. Thanks again for suggesting it.

Wow! I can see Regina’s wheels turning right NOW! We are both into charts and notes and drawings and graphs . . .
I’m thinking this would be a good way to keep track of spraying, too?
These are cool. Thanks for the tip!