Free pawpaw seeds from Kentucky State University

Sherri Crabtree will send you some for free. It’s from their orchard grown varieties. Log into your facebook and go here. Redirecting... Send them a PM and they’ll send you 10-20 seeds and a pamphlet about them. The woman is really nice.


What is a PM?

I put in for some in April. Hoping for some myself, but nothing received yet.

Private Message.

Yes , Sheri Crabtree is a wonderful person.
Last I spoke with her, she said someone posted on line (maybe this one ? )about the seeds .
And were overrun with requests, could not meet the demand.
What started out as a nice jester, turned into a nightmare kind of thing.( my words)

I would like some PawPaw seeds? can you mail them to me? My folks live in KY, but I live north in Illinois… I dont want my folks to go get the seeds because they are a gift.