Freeze Damage Chart


Our low temps are 30 and 29 for Wednesday and Thursday. Hoping my plums, pears and blueberries survive.


Here it is 24F right now at 8:44 am But silver tip or green tip is where some are at here, most are not even there.Most years here we are good. I liked before I knew all this! Ignorance was bliss, now i worry!


We’re expecting 33 and 32 and had a frost last night. Minor damage
to one nectarine. Everything I have is either in full bloom or shuck split.


Ray, did you have damage last night? We dropped down to 30 degrees and I lost about 90% of my plums. Can’t tell yet about the apples and blueberries.


Just that one nectarine, but now they’ve changed the low thursday
to 31. I’ve gotten wiped out two years in a row, and I hope like hell,
that it won’t be three.
We had the warmest February in history, and it’s going to be our


Thursday’s trying to get a lot of people. It’s our low day here in NC, too, and it has me worried. Right now they’ve lowered it to 25.

I have all stages through full bloom out there. My Japanese and hybrid plums are the farthest along (with my almond, but the almond is a once-in-a-blue-moon harvest here, probably).


They just changed the forecast to 28! I hope we all go up!


Just checked my forecast. Low prediction tonight Tuesday 37, Wednesday 34, Thursday 30. I’m getting hopeful a few of my first year blooms on the plums and pluots will escape.


I’m spraying KDL thursday morning, just in case.


Maybe we should change the forum of this post to Reference.


Thanks for the reminder, i will as well. Instructions say to do a light spray, last year i think i oversprayed some trees and it did not seem to be as effective


They just changed our forecast to patchy frost for tonight and tomorrow
night with a low of 32. I’ll be spraying today, because the frost can be just
as damaging as low temps. We had a frost last sunday and I didn’t spray
because the temps never got below 34, and I suffered some damage. I
learned my lesson the hard way.


I’m about to see what damage occurs when the temperature dips below freezing. It is 31 degrees at 4:35am. You know you have an addiction when your checking the weather this early.


Frost on the car at 6 am. 30 degrees. Wishing the sun would hurry up and rise.


We are a little above freezing now and I just did a walk through my fruit trees. My Orient, Kieffer, Hood, and Golden Boy appear to be undamaged. I’m not so sure about my plums, pluots, and pomegranate.


I just went through my orchard and have minor damage on all of
my stone fruit. Glad I sprayed KDL yesterday morning and evening.
Now, I need to get through tonight.


Round 2 tonight. I just checked the low predictions tonight. One source list 33 and the other list 28. Pretty wide spread.


Not official but my outside gauge shows 29 degrees.


Looks like I came through last night in fairly good shape. Looks
like KDL did the job.


I like this chart. I think a lot of people assume if there’s any petal showing - then 32F = death, but reality is far more complicated.

There is a peach in my neighbor’s yard (unsure of variety). I just ordered mine so I have something to look forward to.

Last year, neighbor’s tree was already in “first bloom” stage when we had lows of 28, 20, 18, and 24 on consecutive days, a warmup, then another 20, 23, 21, 23, and 20 a week later. He didn’t get a single peach.

This year, he’s at the Calyx Red stage, maybe ‘first pink’ - it’s on the edge of both. We’ve gone as low as 27, and may get to 23/24 one night in the next week. I feel like he should have at least some crop on his tree, but I don’t know if there is a cumulative effect of multiple freezes or not.