Freeze Drying in Florida!

I had Freeze dried Watermelon , and it was amazing
(free Samples NASA grade though it said)
This is Interesting your does not do it right
but I believe you


Not certain of the brand of the water melon but out of all the fruits it was memorable , but I wonder if you could insert citrus acid before drying or that, and add sugar as well this didn’t have added Flavors.

But of coarse may have been out of a quarter of a Million dollar machine
or people that invested much into the business to find out what works best.

Do these Freeze driers have centrifuges in them.

Try Barely un ripe Mulberries They have the acid, and I can agree The more acidic ones were so good, while the others were good but not amazing good like the unripe sour ones.
Unfortunate I shake the berries onto a tarp so had only a few unripe.
Be good in cereal /oatmeal I could tell when a flavor explosion happened.
(note I do not own one just tasted them from my fruit.)

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@Francis_Eric Im glad you liked it buddy! I think some of the freeze dried fruit is not for everyone and for me once you freeze dry just sugar you get a rode hard put away wet taste to the sugar. I definitely think its still good for you as it saves all the enzymes and vitamins however I think certain power foods taste better than others. Personally i do not really like just sweet fruit and so this could be a personal taste issue.

It seems like most of the good commercially produced freeze dried stuff has lemon juice or some acidic or tart flavouring added to it. It also may not just be tart that comes through as classic pear flavour really does also but definitely some things become more special than others in my taste experience.

The machine comes with a heavy duty steel drum but no centrifuge as it does not spin, extremely well insulated with a good freezer refrigeration set up and a set of valves to get the vacuum set up. It has a super thick nice rubber lip around it and you get a insulation disc to go before the 1.5" thick plexi glass that you seal up. All the parts inside are high quality, I think now they come with a chinese vacuum pump but all the us made vacuum pumps i think are gone since 5 years ago.

Sadly i gotta work my butt off to get mulberries around here so i will not get a chance to try them until later. This year was my first successful mulberry harvest and i got 9 berries. I do love mulberries however


So here I go. I did some raw pork and apples last week and they turned out good.

I have cooked several times in the last few days. I did a full pork loin 4 pounds of which I am freeze drying. A 3 pound beef brisket. Several pounds of country boneless ribs and a chuck roast of 3 pounds.
It all went on 4 trays. I have 5 but nothing else ready and didn’t think it wise to do meat with veggies or fruit in the same batch.

Here is the meat on the trays just before putting them in the freezer dryer!

Second picture bottom to top is brisket, shredded pork loin, roast, country pork.

It’ll take at least 24 hours maybe 36 or more but I’ll let you guys know when it’s done. And at least get pictures.

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So! Here is what it looks like about 36 hours later. All the pieces are crispy and will crunch into powder if you want them to. Obviously you don’t. I say with the exception of some shrinkage they look just like they did when I put them in. I put the product in 4 bags with an oxygen absorber in each one and heat sealed each bag. I’m.sure I’ll be rehydrating some.soon enough and I’ll let everyone know how that goes. I’ll do that one on a quick video! Very cool stuff IMO…

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I wonder if you could precook this,
and if it would be safe to sprinkle on prepared food to give it a potent flavor

I know there is dry aged beef that’d be pretty cool to have freeze dried dry aged beef for concentrated flavors .

Pretty cool you could just make a stew or soup, and add powdered chicken or something
all ready sitting around .


Dutch S I see your cat
I have a good story for you

I am a caregiver at my Mom’s house, and she had 2 black cats
got a new black cat ( A little girl caught it my neices friend it was young it was also wild )
Well I had a game where I would read on the PC and they would run by me , and grab at them
well the new cat got afraid didn’t like me

I do not want a animal to be afraid of me so I felt bad

I went to some warehouses , and the whole dumpster was full of Freeze dried chicken Nugget
(expensive as well)

I tore into the boxes , and filled many garbage bags
Well I gave him some, and one day shortly after I spilled a half gallon of honey,
and he came to watch me clean it up so now he is my Friend now , and not afraid no longer.
Gave those to him for over a year also gave my friends garbage bags as well, and had 2 big dogs well pit bull & beagle at the time.

found a old bag, and he goes crazy for those a year back.


I have pre cooked and raw. Those I just did are all pre cooked. Rehydrate them and heat them/or not/ and they are ready to eat.I used Rub, Olive Oil, Barbeque sauce, salt, pepper

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Great story! Larry is going on 15 years old and the best animal I have ever had. He curls up in in arm Every night for a belly rub before we go to sleep. He weighs in at 25 pounds…:open_mouth:


yes the wild one did get sick peeing blood
and was shaking in his sleep
I felt bad
Wrapped in a blanket and held like a baby falling asleep with him

Now I know cats are suppose to have 9 lives I call myself his second life mother hahah
My other black cat is born on my birthdsay (may 19)
and the female is so effeminate she can somehow open a rubber container, and get yarn thinks they are her babies,
My mom said wool smells like cats mothers.

25 pounds
He is a intimidating one.


He does know how to get what he wants. Not really fat either. Just a big boy…

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Next! Banana and pineapple…off we go!

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Freeze dried fruit can be quite delicious, but not all of them are too tasty. Personally I don’t like freeze dried bananas. The taste is alright, but I think it’s the texture that gets me. I haven’t been able to freeze dry yet, but I have dehydrated oranges a couple months back. They definitely could’ve turned out better haha

I thought I posted this earlier but I guess I never hit send, whoops

Pineapple and Banana doe! The taste is fantastic. The color has changed a bit but still very true to taste.
New trays will be Apples. This is a great little machine!!


Have you tried freeze-dried okra? I’ve gotten whole freeze-dried pods before, and they make a delicious snack. I’m not sure if they were blanched first or if they just toss them in without any other processing.

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I have not but I will with my next crop. I grow Okra every year but this years crops of all kinds were very poor at best. I love Okra and the idea id awesome!


Any chance you’ve tried to freeze dry pawpaws?

The garden club at school got a grant that must be technology based and I was thinking that this machine would make a great addition for the club.

We are also looking at a small aquaponics kit as well.


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