Frenchman’s Bay Actinidia arguta

Anyone growng or heard of Frenchman’s Bay Actinidia arguta? I have come across the name a few times while trying to figure out hardy kiwi. Sold in EU and called American.
The only place I have really seen the variety mentioned online in the USA is a farm in Maine that grows/sells it. Their website is not particularly up-to-date. Pictures are 5-6 years old, CSA info a year, though AirBNB is current.

I have heard of it, and know the guy who re-discovered it here in Maine. Also know if someone growing a few vines in a mixed planting

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Re-discovered explains why I am having trouble finding info. What is the flavor like? Worth trying to find, or stick with more easily found cultivars?

I haven’t tried it, my buddy who grows it says it’s pretty typical kiwi flavor. His favorite is Meader Female

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