Fresh Lychee

Just got 5 lbs of fresh Lychee from the Asian Market. So sweet and heavenly juicy. Fruitnut you need to grow one of this tree in your greenhouse.



Do you eat those like that or peel and eat? The color looks edible!

One of my favorite fruit. But the Lychee grows/sales here is not as very sweet and fragrant as I had in China.


One of my two most favorite fruit, Lychee and Mangosteen. Just went to Logee’s yesterday. They sell Lychee plants, too, but I do not have a greenhouse.

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Oh Tony, besides missing my dentist and hairdresser in NYC I miss most the East Indian and Asian Markets. Lychee are one of my favorites. Like Mamuang if I had greenhouse I’d have a small grove. I did have my first RI grown Key Lime yesterday which tastes like a cross between lime and jasmine. Divine! Mrs. G


Just peeled the skin off and eat it. Very tasty.



Mangosteen are amazing. I’ve never seen them for sale in the US. I’ve only had them in the Philippines.

What holds me back on these type fruits are I’ve never tasted them. But more importantly I don’t know if the conditions in my greenhouse would be conducive to high eating quality. My nights are still running 40s and all winter run in the 30s. For many tropical fruits that probably equals poor eating. So just because something tasted good somewhere overseas doesn’t mean mine or yours would be worth eating.

I’m going to try the Asian markets in DSM. If I can’t find them here, please send the address in Omaha. Thanks

Starfruit would be excellent under those conditions. As long as you dont let them drop below freezing long. We sure enjoy all the cultivars we grow. Sell at a premium too. $5 ea.

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I remember reading that Lychee can die from ~31 degrees, so your greenhouse may not be quite warm enough for it, with current heating. But I echo the other on this thread that the lychee is great and one of the best fruits out there- up there with sweet cherries, nectarines, and hardy kiwi (this last one may surprise some).

I adore fresh lychee and it’s pretty easy to find in California markets. I love how easy it is to remove the skin. Even canned lychee is pretty delicious, especially chilled and served in a cocktail glass, in a little of its own syrup, with a hefty shot of vodka. Mmmmm. Excuse me, headed to the kitchen…

I would love to try fresh lychee. Unfortunately my only experience with lychee is from a chinese buffet and it was god awful. The texture was horrendous.

If you have an Asian market near you, many will carry it but it is seasonal.

I saw it in my local Southeast Asian markets now. The fresh is soft, juicy with large black pit in the middle. It has a nice blend of sweet with a touch of sour that makes it so tasty. Its juice is also aromatic.

There are other tropical fruit that are so sugary sweet like longan. It is less attractive to me.

Fruitnut, the texture of the fruit is denste but smooth. The flavor is a cross between plum and jasmine. The taste is floral to me, but I love it. You can buy Chinese Lychee candy to try the taste, but nothing is as good as the fresh fruit. Your green house just might work. Google where the most of Lychee are grown and check the temps. The fruit is very sweet and delish. Brix is through the roof. You’d love them. Mrs. G

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Here are the two stores in Omaha. You can call first to see if fresh Lychee is available before heading out there. Lychee in a can is pretty good also. The New Asian Supermarket is huge. You can get some Durian in the freezer there too.


New Asian Supermarket

4615 S 26th St,Omaha,NE68107
(402) 731-6300

Asian Market

4615 S 26th St #1, Omaha, NE 68107
(402) 731-6300

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Canned mangosteen and lychee are delicious…can’t imagine what a fresh fruit tastes like.

I think i’ve read even in Miami mangosteens are tough to grow. Lychees i think grow easily in S Florida.

I need to go to Thailand during fruit season and just investigate these flavors. I’m sure my wife would love it if i were to do that :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


While you are there, try the floating river market. My sister said it was awesome. You can also take a short connecting fly to Vietnam. Try the super sweet Milk fruit is awesome.



If you ever travel to Thailand, you can’t miss this Supatra Land Orchard. You can sight-see and tastes fruit from the trees. Mangosteen, durian, rambutan, custard apple, dragon fruit, etc. You can eat as much as you want (and I did).

It’s within 1.5 - 2 hours east of Bangkok. A paradise for fruit loves like us.

I’ve there twice and don’t mind going again anytime!! There are a numbers of nice beaches in that province and nearby provinces, too. No need to return to Bangkok.

For the link. :smiley: