Fresh picked Dragon fruit - All my favorite colors


How absolutely STUNNING! I’m a painter and I just picked some magnolia pods today - that are also quite beautiful. I’ll paint them. And I’ve not yet painted Dragon Fruit . . . but I hear them calling to me, now. (They remind me of colorful stegosauruses!)

Magnolia Pod


That is really stunning and looking delicious fruits. I have only had my dragonfruit bear the pink flesh and the white flesh and they are both juicy and sweet. I just bought my Yellow Dragonfruit last year from a local nursery that doesn’t even know how old it was , but I can tell it’s been around because it was spindly, long and it outgrown the container it was on. I was excited to find this as I read it from articles that Yellow DragonFruit is the best kind. It’ s now in my Greenhouse like my other ones and trying to take care of it with TLC.

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