Frost damage or something more sinister?

I was checking on my trees and my scout apricot in a two in one planning looks like this. The Debbie’s gold next to it seems unaffected.

I have looked at reference images and can’t see any disease that looks similar except frost damage.

Give a bit more context. This is in its second leaf. The damage happened quite quickly within the last few days

I don’t think that’s spring freeze damage. Doesn’t really look like winter freeze damage either but that’s more likely. It looks more like some type of disease issue but I don’t know what.

For future reference it seems to be freeze damage even though the buds were growing fine right after the frost. New buds are starting to grow back.

This also could be brown rot. There is a huge neglected apricot tree on the nearby street - it always starts flowering gorgeous, But at the middle of the flowering brown rot gets it and takes everything - flowers, leaves, twigs… When I saw it first time I thought - this tree is goner. To my surprise it started regrow in couple weeks and this time brown rot ignored it. And this repeats every year -sometimes it is a whole tree, sometimes when weather cooperates just part of it. But it always regrows…

Interesting I’ll have to look out next year.