Frost Free Days & Heating Days Poland. Need Some Help, Please

I’m helping a girl that emailed me, but I need your help!

I’ve been jacking around trying to find a good calculator for heating degree days and frost free days for Krakow, Poland but the data isn’t there so far that I’ve found.

Any help will be appreciated for this woman.

Thank you,


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Hi Dax, I use
Type the city name in the weather station ID field and hit search.
You can choose cooling/heating at the bottom.

Thanks Paul, that’s the link I was using but wasn’t so sure about the data. It added up though just fine (555 cooling degre days) making me able to get my answer. As far as frost free days I was able to find an obscure link for a 33-year duration of Siedlce, Poland’s frost free days which is 155. Good enough!!!

Thank you for responding.


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Dax, we have been as low as 535 cooling degree days here, in my location in Connecticut.

We were still able to ripen certain pecans, and figs here that year.

But, of course variety selection is very important, when your only getting that small amount of heat.


Hi Bob,

This woman has a local nursery that carries ‘Dumbell Lake Large’, ‘Snaps’, ‘Carlson 3’, & ‘Deerstand’. Pretty cool for a local nursery in Poland. I told her if she could find a ‘Warren 346’ to pair it with ‘Dumbell Lake Large’. She’d have a longer cropping period this way.

Wes Rice really likes ‘Deerstand’ for an ultra-northern. In his book though he doesn’t have the information whether it’s protandrous or protogynous. And, I cannot find on the internet that information, either. If like ‘Dumbell Lake Large’ it is protandrous, I would’ve had her get it in place of ‘Dumbell Lake Large’.

Wes also told me his favorite of all ultra northern is Mullahy.


Dax, Wes also told me too, that Mullahy was one of his favorite Ultra Northern pecans.

I grafted Mullahy the same time I grafted NC-4, about 12 years ago.

I have not been impressed with Mullahy. It’s growth for me has been slow. Plus, it seems to be slow in starting to bear a decent crop load. NC-4 produced three times more nuts in 2016, then Mullahy.

But, of course 12 years is not enough time to fully evaluate a pecan. Wes, once thought that NC-4 was a shy bearer. But, for me it has been a star.

I grafted it as a pollinator for NC-4. But, if you are looking for a pollinator, I think I would chose Green Island Beaver, for Poland, over Deer Stand. GIB ripens a week earlier, then Deer Stand.