Frost Owari Satsuma Mandarin

I planted this Frost Owari Satsuma Mandarin in July last year. It flowered in the late Fall and now those fruit sets are about ready for harvest. There are also fruit sets from flowering this April which will certainly ripen next year.


:+1: Thanks for sharing Richard; one of my favorites. Great flavor and great memories growing up picking and eating the fruit.

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Wow that was fast at least to me!

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would love to plant a satsuma…They’re really popular down here, but I just don’t have the room…Yours looks great, about the same size as my flame grapefruit. Curious, was there a reason you didn’t thin the fruit and let the tree put it’s energy into getting bigger?

I have thinned the fruit several times this year and what you see is a small fraction of the fruit sets! For my location I believe it will develop fine (it was 87F today), esp. since it is on standard rootstock.

FYI, there is more than one Satsuma.

it certainly does look to be developing fine…is it normal for them to set that many fruits?

My Owari sets like that as well. I typically thin 2-3 times, each time thinking I got enough. The fruit density I end up with is about the same as what @Richard shows in the pic.

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Today’s harvest.


Today I harvested about 1.5 lbs of fruit from this tree :slight_smile: