Frost protection bags

Spring will be here in no time. These bags are sold on Amazon in France for potted Citrus, which can be a bit tender. Since we had un-heard of (rarely) snow this year I bought two. Just for citrus. They have all sizes. Check out to see if you have them in the states. Such an easy idea.

I would buy them for my apricots and peach trees (dwarf root stock) if I was still in the NE.


I see a few marginally hardy ornamentals covered in these around my neighborhood.


I don’t see the same brand available in the states, yet they have plenty of them for the states, they are only for light frosts though, here are some:

‘the following are smaller than what you got’×86Inch-Reusable-Drawstring/dp/B0852KXLPZ/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8