Frost Shield

Has anyone tried Frost Shield - See Link:

Seems to good to be true?

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From the link above:

Micro-thin protein pro-polymer forms a permeable protective coating on plants, trees, vines, and fruits. Inhibits water loss. Slows the rate of cooling caused by evapotranspiration and keeps the internal temperature of the fruit above the freezing point.

I don’t think it will increase internal fruit temperature during a freeze. Also says it protects down to 25-28F. Well 28 is about where damage begins even in worst case. They are probably banking on many peoples expectation that damage begins at 32. Wow our stuff protected to 28F…buy it now.

Maybe it works in some cases or provides small help in some cases. But I’m not buying any because we usually need more like 5-10F protection.


I found a couple of research trials on the Frost Shield material along with several other materials. The research did not convince me that any of the materials helped with a frost/freeze problem.

With the crazy warm weather I’m going to have another problem with frost/freeze killing my fruit again this year. It would be great if I could just spray a magic potion and make the frost problem go away!

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I am in Zone 7A North of you and I am facing the same issue - crazy weather likely to cause a very early bloom. I am a backyard grower and have not found an efficient way to protect against late frost. Likely no peaches for me this year (will be 2 years in a row). Maybe Mother Nature will smile on me this year.


Back yard growers have a little better chance, I bought a big light weight tarp and put over my peach tree. I hung c9 lights and a heat lamp on the tree and saved enough peaches to have some to eat. I think an oscillating fan might be a good idea also

Here is a shot from Google earth, that’s a 15 x 20 tarp. It was a real pain putting it on but worth it to eat peaches