Frostbite Apple Zone 7 or 8?

Anyone growing Frostbite apple in zone 7 or 8? Interested in its taste/texture in these warmer zones as some descriptions say it’s not good in heat.

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I grow it in 10a, and it’s healthy, productive, and very good. Same is true of its progeny, Sweet Sixteen.


Thanks for your report. I’ve got keepsake and Sw 16, should get first fruit this year. Have fingers crossed on Sw 16 as a video from Indiana calls it a fireblight magnet.

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I have it on dwarf rootstock…I think if I add a limb to a multi-graft tree I may be ahead.
So, far, have had to pick before ripe to keep squirrels from getting them,
here. (z. 6b)

Other than fruits cracking and squirrels liking…I think
I’ll like it if I ever get to eat a ripe one.

No significant CAR or fireblight or scab so far in 4 years for me.

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But what temperature range do you see in the summer? Hardiness zone doesn’t tell us the full picture.

I’m not the one being asked, but 97 is the high here past 6 years. KY.

Pretty variable these days. Typical summer temperatures are high sixties to low eighties, with an occasional brief venture into the nineties. September is usually our warmest month. The Pacific marine influence keeps us relatively cool unless we’re getting offshore winds heated up by the Central Valley. When that happens, we bake.

You can see our historical weather data here, if you wish.