Fruit and vegetable molds - different shapes = big $$$$

This was posted years ago but i cannot find the old thread. Easy to stack watermelons? No problem if they are square
No someone who loves watermelon with all tbeir heart?
Buddha shaped apples or pears
Star shaped cucumbers
Perhaps you love stawberries with all your heart
There is always more
Like to see a coddling moth try to ruin these fruits! In california frankenstein and skull shaped pumpkins for halloween are going for $75 each. Its not my thing to grow them but many do to make their farm profitable.


For several years I have been considering doing this. Never got around to it for some reason or another.

Lately I have considered it again, I am trying to decide between square or heart shaped apples/pears/lemons. The molds are expensive with postage to Australia, so I can only get one type. I won’t be selling them, they will be for my kids, so I guess my kids should decide between square and heart shaped.

Has anyone used these types of fruit shaping molds? Any tips that you care to share? I would love to learn from someone else’s experience if that is at all possible.

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