Fruit growing - Therapy

Recently my fiance @Peaches and I broke up due to the distance we live apart. We had known each other since we were kids. Fruit growing , gardening etc. are very therapeutic for a broken heart or other strong emotions for me. Sometimes seing beautiful things, smelling the aroma of certain flowers and eating wonderful foods heals the soul and mends its wounds. It takes me time to heal but my heart is strong and my soul is pure! I suspect many who work with their hands understand what i do and why i do it. Not everyone is honest about their motives so I wanted to put this out there for those who need to hear some honesty in a world that lacks that. Fruit growing is inspirational for me and it puts me close to the world im comfortable with like an artist does with a painting or musician with their music.


Understand. It’s therapeutic and helps me deal with the things I don’t want to be doing.


It is both therapeutic and also one of the biggest sources of my frustrations, like this year when I finally got Carmine Jewels, about ten gallons’ worth, and they all had brown rot! It seems that I hit them with Immunox this spring after bloom, but it wasn’t enough or else I forgot to hit those. So much to remember to do at specific times.


It is an art.


I started doing gardening about six years ago when my oldest sister was dying of cancer. I just wanted to see things growing. There are a lot of work and disappointments, but the back yard has always been my sanctuary since then.


I started growing fruit after my divorce, I found it therapeutic and then I enjoyed it so much I just became addicted and now I have around 200 trees… You can see how much therapy I needed :joy: A year or two after me my brother also got divorced, and coincidently or not that is also when he began growing fruit and now his yard is a fruit empire lol


turned my wifes 3/4 acre lawn into my ‘‘little piece of heaven’’. i like to walk through in the evening and early morning. its so serene and soothing. i always wanted to buy land but never could afford it so i made due with what i had. :wink: