Fruit Identification

I have seen several request for individual fruit identification postings including some that I previously listed. My intent is to have one list of fruit posted for a quick reference. If this is a duplicate of another post please let me know and I will switch. Thanks Bill

I bought these pluots yesterday and no variety was listed. I’m planning to plant the seed and it would be nice to know which variety they are.


Sure looks like Dapple Dandy to me Bill.


Yeah Dapple Dandy is in season. If the fruit is the “Dino” or “Dino Egg” brand it is from Family Tree Farms and you can look up the variety by four digit PLU code on their website.

Edit: Ok the Family Tree Farms and Dino brands might be separate enitities. But the season and appearance on the FTF website can be used in plot ID still.


I’m 100% sure that it’s Dapple Dandy Pluot.

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Thanks everyone for the identification. I am confident now that I have Dapple Dandy. Bill

I know this one is a long shot for identification. Bought these Muscadines at a farmers market today mostly because they were very large and ripened early. If I could ID the variety I will be adding it in my back yard providing I can fit it in. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks Bill

The larger fruit measured about 1.25"
Very sweet
Almost as crunchy as a table grape
About 2 seed per fruit

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Got lucky today and got it identified. Supreme is a great muscadine unfortunately according to Dr Powell I live in a borderline area where it can get killed from cold weather. He showed me a good alternative muscadine, Black Beauty. It is almost as large and the taste is similar.

I grow supreme and it has done very well. Those look just like mine. Beware of coons and possums! It is surely my best producer and very vigorous.

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Supreme is the best tasting muscadine I have tasted so I might add it in September even though I might not get a crop on colder winter seasons. Lane is one of my other muscadines and it is also good but smaller. I got to sample all Dr Powell’s muscadines yesterday and I walked away liking Supreme the best. Black Beauty was almost as good.

Gosh, those grapes look like plums!


This is another fruit from Publix that was listed as Plumcots (red). I don’t know if this is a general name for these hybrids or if it is an actual variety. It was sweet, medium firmness, with a very small pit. In my opinion it is not Dapple Dandy. I’m slowly collecting seeds from these hybrids to plant. Any input to what variety this is will be appreciated. Thanks, Bill

Family Tree Farms makes it a snap to ID their varieties: Summer Punch.

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Thanks for the ID. I’m going to save their guide for future reference.

Just when I thought I had figured out the chart provided by @Levers101 along come a this plumcot from Publix. To me it looks like the Flavor Grenade but it is not nearly as sweet the ones I bought last year. The others on the chart marked 3610 appear to be mostly round. Any input will be welcome.

HAH, that was EXACTLY what I was thinking, mrsg471! How funny. Bill, I say give it a try in the warmest, most protected part of your yard, along with Black Beauty, and see how they both do. I would love to try to grow muscadines.

Does not look like flavor grenade to me. I’d say fall fiesta

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They look the same. Thanks, Bill