Fruit in the News

I’ll start with a pretty big one…

The US has halted import of Mexican Avocados for an undetermined period of time due to a threat received by one of the US inspectors, assumed to be from a member of a drug cartel.

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Are you sure it isn’t tomatoes that have been tampered…?

I read several Asian countries have curbed US apple imports.

Consumers and workers are paying the price for the weak government action on corruption and crime plus we get the illegal drugs. Maybe good for US grower profits but not good overall.


Nature and numbers:the Fibonacci Sequence.


Ah, the wonders of Creation! Gotta love it. :smile:


Oh? All the things like gravity, motion, light, math just happened by evolution? Even the proteins in just one cell cannot come together in squence by accident…the odds are impossible.

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No! Evolution took advantage of what was always in place


I beg to differ. As a recovering biologist, I can tell you that approximately 0% of biology makes sense without evolution by natural selection and probabilistic determinism. Once you look closely at anything in nature you see systems in flux, and a 50-50 blended of elegant solutions and Jerry-rigged duct tape patches. As a recovering Catholic, I can tell you that this is all pretty easily reconciled with a creationist theology.

That’s all I’m going to say for now, because I don’t want this topic derailed more than it already is. Feel free to direct message me if you’d like to have a civil discussion on the matter.


And the stuff in place…it came into being at some point.
Kind does not, ever, reproduce after some other kind.
Gravity…got ‘invented’ by Someone.
Anyhoooo…I’ll let it go in the interest of “Fruit in the…”


Possibly an extinct fruit, but a fruit in the news nonetheless. Explosive fossil fruit found buried beneath ancient Indian lava flows

No one, with even a basic understanding of evolution theory. Would claim gravity is “caused” by evolution.
I would urge you to look into evolution theory before making such wildly inaccurate claims about it.

How light, motion, and gravity “act” is described in physics. It has nothing to do with biology.

Gravity did not get “invented” it got discovered. And even on that you can argue. Since it’s not really “hidden”. More accurately, the mathematical approximation on how gravity seems to work got invented/discovered. We call that field of study Physics. And those “theory’s” led to amazing things, including the device and means we use to communicate right now!

If you truly had "the intrest of “Fruit in the…” in mind. You
would not bring religion or this topic up. And then shut down the conversation before others could argue against your point of view. You would not have brought it up here to start with.

I’m sorry if this comes off hostile. But it really “bug’s” me. This Hit and Run tactic of stirring stuff up. To than not have the possibility for counter points of view under the guise of “being silenced”.

And ending up with only the starter post full of misinformation without the corrections being possible afterwards.

If you truly want to discus theory of evolution, physics, or religion. The internet is a large place with plenty of places specifically designed for that. Go there and have a world open for yourself!

If i misinterpreted your post. Or if I’m just being an “ass”, my apologies. It is not meant personally. I enjoy and read with intrest, the majority of your posts :heartpulse:


I understand it’s ‘touchy’…but I see folks post assuming evolution is proven…and misinformation needs countering.
But, as for running, you’re invited to PM me as one other person did.

“Evolution: A Theory in Crisis” by Michael Denton might be an insightful read…he’s a scientist/not a theologian.

I must have missed the post where people posted about evolution before you, could you point me towards it?

I’f taken a short look at Michael Denton’s writings. His argumentation seems convoluted and flawed though.

If going by overwhelming scientific consensus, evolution theory could very well be considered proven or scientific fact.
See Frequently Asked Questions - Science and Creationism - NCBI Bookshelf
for example.

Anyway my larger point is:
we should not bring up religious topics on a fruit growing forum.

Imagine me working the sentence “science is real, and god does not exist” in every few post on this forum. It might be what i believe. But this is not the topic or the place to start about it. And if i where to do so, I’d “ruin” the forum for some. Who just want to use the forum for what it is there for.


Fhew… now that we hopefully got that out of the way…

Here’s one that hits close to home for me.

"Maigue used luminescent particles from fruit and vegetable waste. These are the same particles that absorb the Sun’s ultraviolet rays and turn them into visible light. By using particles like this, Maigue created a solar film capable of capturing ultraviolet rays. The film then converts the rays into visible light which is used to generate energy. "



FRESH FRUIT annual EXPO in the universe…starts April 5th in Berlin, Germany.
3,300 vendors and over 75,000 visitors expected (but note vax protocols).

That’d be some exposition…fruit from all over the globe on display – trading deals to be made. (If they can find shipping containers, I suppose!)


The Mexican avocado ban has been lifted.

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See initial post. Threats from the cartel lead the US to ban avocado imports from Mexico for the last week.

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