Fruit Insects and Diseases identification

The pests are here! What pests have you seen so far? Thought it might be helpful to others to post pictures of disease and insects to help with identification. Tent caterpillars made two small nests I found while spraying today. I manually removed the nests and sprayed the tree thoroughly. The trees had been sprayed with a fungicide only so as not to harm the pollinators. I sprayed a full cocktail today because we are expecting heavy rains. I spray copper / fungicide pre bloom and antibiotic, insecticide & fungicide post bloom.Tent caterpillar don’t discriminate and will infest apples, stone fruits etc.

Thank you for posting this. I have a few ‘issues’ i need guidance from the experts on too. But why are you spraying before the rain? I’ve been holding off spraying until we have a few clear days of no rain.

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Exhibit number 1. Beetles of some sort.

Exhibit number two. What can be done for this pecan tree? I’ve had a number of suggestions but you guys’ advice I would weigh much more heavily.

Of note is not just the big hole, but the ordered sequence of holes near the bottom right. I’ve been told they are from woodpeckers. No? Yes?

In my case prior to rain because fungus spread during rain and I’m using immunox and captan for that. The antibiotic is for Fireblight because I have blossoms still open on apples which are a point of infection when temperature is above 65 and it is and humidity is above 65 percent and it is. The pesticide is for coddling moth,oriental flue fly, tent worms etc. rain does not wash it off so once it’s dry it’s on there for 2 weeks.


Your ahead of the game. I dont see bag worms untill summer here. I am seeing CAR bad maybe because of a mild winter.

39th parallel.
The cedar apple rust is harder to control at some sites. Have you seen any scab this year?
Someone will say use concrete but I wouldn’t. If its dry in there I would maybe throw expanding foam in the front of the hole and let the tree finish healing on its own. The foam would be just to keep out the elements. A tree is dead in the center anyway only the cambium layer is alive so its not a huge problem unless it becomes a structural problem. I saw racoon den trees that have been hollow for years.

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No scab yet

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The holes are probably yellow-bellied sapsucker holes. They make holes, and then come back later to eat the sap and insects that are attracted to it. It shouldn’t hurt the tree any. There are a couple other kinds of sapsuckers, too, but I am only familiar with this one, as it is the only one that lives near us.


As if the other tent caterpillars were not bad enough more showed up today! Found this mess in the top of an apple tree today. Talk about destructive!

This is how to control them and this is more about them Purdue Extension. I need to work in a dormant oil spray in the spring. Not sure why the worms and nests look so different.

Think by now many people are seeing significant cicada damage like I did last year 17 year cicada's woke up hungry. Japanese beetles have began defoliating plants and grasshoppers hatched as well.

The biggest problem I’m having though is what appears to be eastern fruit fly. Plum curculio was bad. Both the aforementioned pests are very destructive.

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Who is this guy? Found him on my peach tree today.

Thankfully we are still about 6 weeks out from having to deal with Japanese beetles.

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Dunno, but I can say I saw the same guy on my potato plants - almost 50% bigger than the normal stinkbug. So I would love to know too.

Possibly, assassin bug.

The first picture in this post is of one of the good insects that is frequently killed for his appearance Good insects post


Does this look the same? If so, it’s a common leaf-footed bug.

There are many looks of leaf-footed bugs according to this webpage.

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Yes, it is the same. Often the “leaves” of the “feet” do not show from certain angles.

Assassin bug thorax and other body parts often more irregularly shaped.

Google image search for assassin+bug has many images of similar insects mixed in; use instead.

Thanks, Larry.

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39thparallel there is a family of worms called Psychidae that you might want to look up. The bag worms can be seen here Bag Worm: Information, Pictures and Control of Bagworms. Here is a good link on the moth and additional information Bagworm moth - Wikipedia. Scott posted this link on a tent caterpillar egg sac Eastern tent caterpillar egg sac - #2 by clarkinks.

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What is this guys MO? He is camping out on a grape vine. Please tell me waiting to eat a Japanese Beetle

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