Fruit on my lemon tree from last fall- what to do with it?

Hi all,
I’m new to this forum. I don’t know where else to find this info. So I have this 2.5 year old Meyer lemon tree that I keep inside about half the year because I live in New England. We had a very wet, strange summer last year so it didn’t produce any blossoms until the end of the summer/early fall last year. It developed fruit, about 10, over the winter and now it’s going to be springtime soon and I’m not sure how to proceed. One of them is beginning to turn yellow, but the others are kind of at a standstill. I’m wondering if I should leave them on the tree and expect them to grow and ripen, or if I should take them off so the tree can develop new blossoms this spring. My assumption is that it won’t grow new fruit while there is still a crop from last fall on it. Is this correct? Thanks for your advice, fruit fans!


Keep them all. The will grow and ripen when they are ready.


Leave them on the tree. They will ripen during the summer when it is back outdoors. Remember to fertilize it every three weeks.

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greenhouse in the snow guy let some of his oranges on the tree for 2+ years and they just got bigger. Patience with citrus fruit ripening seems to be fine.

I agree, mine blossoms heavy even with the unripe lemons on board. I do the same as you. Mine has never skipped a beat in and out with the green lemons on board.

@Bribri welcome to the forum. :blush: I wish you lots of lemonade and blossoms. Happy growing


This is all great news to hear. Thanks for your replies everybody!