Fruit/Orchard Podcasts

I came across this today and while some of the interviews and programs are a bit dated, they look pretty interesting. Unfortunately there are only a few, but one is an interview with Jerry Lehman which I thought was worth passing on.
Its called fruitnut…so apologies to our very own @fruitnut !

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Thanks I like podcasts, only wish these were downloadable. I can capture them anyway as I like to put them on my mp3 player. It’s a hassle though to capture.
I listen to a few garden shows, some are pretty good, others are not.
I like Lee Reich so hearing any of his are great. Here is an RSS feed for a show I like.

Some shows may interest others. such as this one
A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach - February 16 - Dan Bussey of Seed Savers on Antique Apples

A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach - November 2- Ed Laivo on Citrus in Pots
Over 100 shows there.


Does anyone have any updates to this thread?

I haven’t gone looking for fruit growing podcasts (for some reason!), but I discovered a great one for vegetable gardening It’s called “Joe the Gardner”. He’s pushing the envelop with new techniques and ways to be more efficient. He regularly has great guests on like Craig LeHoullier (NC Tomatoman from Tomatoville), and he also has a great Instagram account where he posts lots of videos showing his planting, transplanting, hardening off methods, and many more.

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This is the only podcast I have found that is dedicated to growing fruit:


There are some good episodes related to growing various food crops (including fruit) on The Permaculture Podcast.


Thanks! It’s actually (or now) called Urban Forestry Radio.

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Oops, just saw someone already mentioned this, but I’ll leave the link anyhow.

Here’s one…

NNGA. , go nuts pod cast.

I like the Regenerative Agriculture Podcast.

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This may be of interest to some members: