Fruit Ripening Order - Database?

I’d to start a “Fruit Ripening Order” data base for multiple locations.

What I mean is, when I look at the various fruit growers websites (Adams County, Dave Wilson, Orange Pippin, Bay Laurel, etc) I see a wide variance in ripening dates. A lot of the variance is obviously due to geography…Things in southern CA will ripen earlier than things in New England.

But I notice other differences in ripening dates when I compare my dates to, say, Dave Wilson’s dates. Some of my trees ripen a month later than DW’s dates, while others ripen a month earlier than DW’s dates. When I compare other site’s ripening dates it gets even more confusing. Needless to say, this makes planning where to put new scions difficult. (I’ve been trying to keep grafted wood and the host wood in the same ripening window I.E. Early scions on an early ripening tree)

What I’d love to have is a database for ripening dates in various areas of the county or world.

I’m in the Mid Atlantic, not too far from Scott and Matt so I imagine their ripening order would be near identical to mine. I have far fewer varieties than them, so I would be able to look to their lists to see where best to graft a new scion. In other words, I wouldn’t have to take Dave Wilson’s word or the Orange Pippin site’s word that a certain apple (in this case) is “mid to late” season. I could check with other local “ripening lists” and see what that really means in my climate compared to the trees I already have.

For instance, my apple ripening order is:

Monark Arkansas
Ginger Gold
Honeycrisp ??? (no harvest yet)
Red Fuji
Granny Smith
Gold Rush
Pink Lady

(and I’m not totally sure about the last three)

So when I’m looking to graft, say Rubinette, I could look at Scott’s list or Matt’s list or the “Mid Atlantic Master List” and figure out where to put the new graft so that fruit ripens at the same time as the rest of the tree.

Does that make sense?

I realize something like this would provide little benefit to the experienced people, but I think it could be very helpful to a lot of people.

What do you think?

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I think this would be an awesome idea. I am just getting started with buying various fruit plants and it takes some time to figure out which fruit when in order to have a longer fruiting season. I have thought about putting together a quick website that would have a timeline of some type that would allow people to visually see the approximate ripening dates for various fruits in a person’s zone or nearby zone. Similar to something like this:

Maybe an easier or first step could be a shared Google Doc with some Charts embedded. I’m not sure if a timeline chart can be put into a Google Spreadsheet, but I can find out later and report back.If I get some time, I can see if I can put something together as a starting point so people here could add to and update for each zone.

I think another good idea to this doc would be a list of varieties and possibly even some type of polling or rating system for each. I scoured through this forum and others to figure out which varieties to buy and it became extremely difficult. This could be a lot of work, especially for certain types of fruits, but it could be extremely helpful to people trying to choose varieties to plant.

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I feel like there is a member here that has a website that you could create a profile and track phenology with. I think it even would give you anticipated dates of harvest, and was based on what others put in. No idea what it is called. I even signed up for it at one point, but I completely forgot about it. (really helpful reply, right?) Maybe someone else will remember?

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I use it for keeping track of trees, first flowering date and harvest date etc… You also can d/l in excel format your trees info as well. I have to contact Chris soon to have him add some cultivars that are not in his master list on the website which I’ll be planting this spring.

The Garden Register

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